Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Through Hell and Waiting for a Sign: New Hardware Installed

3 weeks post surgery, I am making my first post here and I am here to tell you I have new hardware in my body. A titanium cage with bone graft between L4 and L5 in the front and pedicle screws  and rods with bone graft on the back side. Looking at the pieces, they seem a little barbaric and looking at the surgery itself sort of confirms it. Surgeon said it was the second worst stenosis he's worked on. I can't discuss the worst part, but lets just say I was alone through much of this experience. The other unexpected hard part was that I got a headache from a CSF leak that had been repaired. The PT people sat me up the next day and all I can say is that it was like someone put my head in a vise. I had visions of Joe Pesci in Casino. The PT people knew what was going on and what to do. They reclined the bed head low and the headache went away. Surgery was on a Monday morning and I went home Friday afternoon. I was glad to go home as
I'd see my kids, I'd eat better and I'd sleep better. Food and sleep are a hospital's weaknesses. I am not sure that I will ride again. Some say yes I'll be able to, but I have other worries too. I've had double vision since the middle of September and we're looking into that and hopefully I'll get a sign of what is going on. I still have the stomach issues that started this shit train back in the end of May. More neck issues too that will be looked into as well. I have problems boss and I need help. I just hope I can solve all these problems and get on with things. If not, it's going to suck. Big time. It's really opened my eyes to the medical profession. Some are good, many are just like civil servants that just want to punch the clock and keep the shit merry go round going and some just want to milk it for everything they can, working in volume. Lots of intransigence and going through processes that take too long to figure shit out and if it gets to hard, pass it off to a specialist and start over. The idea of taking a step back and looking at the patient as a whole and not piece meal and parting out the detective work is anathema to many in the field. I haven't felt right for months, I am tired of it and I want answers. I am waiting for a sign and I see none, yet. Two of my kids want to go into the medical profession. I wonder if I should discourage it. Not long ago I was all for it.

Thank you for reading this blog.