Friday, June 19, 2020

I'll Be Back

It's been a while since I've written here. I had had more cervical fusion last time I posted and was going through a rough time. I am doing better now. Last year I don't think I broke 1000 miles on the bike and this year so far I have. I just did a complete and total service short of the alternator belt and I replaced the rear brakes as well. I am doing some wiring for power for my phone as I bought a RAM X mount for my iPhone. At some point I will also get a Cardo Freecom +1 and a SJCAM camera. Go Pro is usually the go to, but from what I have read, the SJCAM works as well, is cheaper and doesn't have some problems the go pro does. So if you aren't wondering why I am mentioning I am mentioning all of this, I will tell you anyway.  I am starting a vlog on Youtube and possibly Twitch that will be My Motorrad in video. I will post the you tube videos here as well and possibly with commentary. 

I'll Be Back. 

Thank you for reading this blog.