Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update: Boots and Gloves Arrive

Got the boots last week as well as the gloves. Both turned out well. The Sidi boots fit fine and are top notch. The only thing I will advise is that where such tall boots takes an adjustment period. I have to make sure I angle my foot down enough when shifting or I will not engage the shifter properly. The boots are plenty comfortable for walking around and I imagine will get better with time. after wearing them while riding, anything else feels naked, like when not wearing a helmet when you are used to wearing one.

The Icon gloves are fine too, slightly snug for 2xl gloves, but they offer my dexterity than my Tourmaster Cold-Tex gloves. I also like the knuckle armor and the visor wipe.

So, now that I have my stuff in and I have used them for a few rides, I have to say I am happy to have new stuff and it's a vast improvement. The First Gear Scout Jacket is a fine jacket and takes a little getting used to as it has some armor and is more snug than I am used to, but I did remove the liner as the weather is starting to warm up and I do not need it. The fit is better without as well. So that is it, until next time. Oh yeah, thank you to BMW MOA for the Superstakes.

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