Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Still in Hell, More Hardware Added

Well, as unluck would have it, I wasn't done with surgery. A week ago I had cervical fusion of c2-4, to accompany the already C4-6 I had done in 2012. This shit is getting old quickly. I am at home convalescing and wondering if I'll ride again or much more. I am contemplating giving it up after 33 years. Just don't know if the risk is worth it and I haven't ridden much anymore anyway with the health issues and what not. I have no guide or mentor here. Most motorcyclists I know have rode past my current age. It's one of those things that will probably be a relief and sad at the same time. Letting go of stuff seems to come with age. The older I get, the more I have to let go of: expectations, ill will and images and beliefs of what and who I was. Any advice is welcome, until then, ride safe and keep the shiney side up, I'll see you around.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Trobairitz said...

Yikes. I hope it has been getting a little easier every day. Sorry I missed the first post about your surgery. Last year was a little hectic for us with moving and new jobs.

We have riding friends that are in their 70's and still ride, but have adjusted their riding style or even the type of bike. One friend who turned 75 in December went from a Honda Blackbird to a Ducati Multistrada over the last 10 years (a few others in between) but he needs more upright. And he became a fair weather rider to reduce his risk and make it easier on the arthritic hands. Can't say as I blame him there.

Healing thoughts headed your way.

Jim L said...

Thanks Trobairitz. It's been a travail. Other stuff going on too. Just have to persevere until I find a solution. I still have the RT. The only thing straighter up is a GSA or some adventure bike. I suppose a cruiser is too, but the suspensions aren't so good on those. Thanks for stopping by.

Doug Klassen said...

Hi Jim,

I happen to run across some old emails between you and I and decided to look in on your blog. Looks like you've gotten quiet after that back surgery. Understandable.

As to when to walk away from riding, I figure I'll give it up when it's not fun or I feel like I'm not sharp enough anymore to be safe. To be sure, at almost 69 years old, I can tell "I ain't what I used to be." Got rid of my '98 Valkyrie and have switched for now to a '17 Triumph Scrambler but I like my wife's T120 Bonneville better. Either bike is a piece of cake to handle compared to the big Valkyrie. I guess that's the years showing there.

I hope you've moved along in your recovery. Keep moving forward lest the bastards catch you.

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